No Turkey, No Black Friday in Japan!


You're Going to Eat That? Seriously?
Given that Japan's a nation rather lacking on the whole Pilgrims and Native American holiday origin mythology, aside from the ex-pat Yankee population, there is no Thanksgiving here. As such, there is of course no Black Friday either; the former is a shame, the latter, arguably, is a gift in and of itself. T
oday was just another Friday, and we're thankful for that.

As an aside, what's interesting is that Christmas postively thrives here. Wanna know why? It's because Santa Claus et al. are cute, and turkeys are ugly as hell. Guaranteed. That's the biggest reason. Not even debatable. Cute rules all.

Anyway, We Vote Stay Home!
We hope all our American readers had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, and as for today's tech shopping, here's our advice: be a proper geek and order online! Order something from Japan using White Rabbit, or go to Amazon or something - stay home, stay warm, relax - let the savages crawl over each other and make the local news with their barbaric meatspace shopping antics!

Happy Holidays from Tokyo!