Toys of the Tokyo Motor Show (VIDEO)

Toys of the Tokyo Motor Show -

Anticipatory Socialization
Between us and our colleagues over at GaijinPot, we've been all over the Tokyo Motor Show. We've shown you videos of cars, a gallery of cars, on the GPod we waxed automotive at charming length - all about cars. 

And you know, that we as adults love cars and automakers as companies love toy cars for kids is not merely serendipitous happenstance. We've been programmed. And you know what else, we are at complete peace with that fact. 

Seriously, we can all agree that transportation is necessary, so why NOT love cars? Do we need some alternative fuel sources? Yeah - and we're working on itIn the meantime, either accept your programming or go fall in love with sprinting camels or donkey-based transportation. Forget not, however, the classic pitfallery of over-valuing individual choice!

Okay, then. Here's what's currently programming the little Japanese boys and girls:

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Images: AkihabaraNews