Daihatsu - FC 凸 DECK - Cubic mini car with future eco-friendly low-cost energy

When we saw Daihatsu's concept kei-car (light/mini car) FC 凸 DECK (pronounced "FC Deco Deck") at Tokyo Motor Show 2013, which will take place until December 1 at Tokyo Big Sight, we were intrigued by its futuristic cubic look, and t
here are great possibilities and ideas for future cars, or even what future energy will be like, hidden in the FC 凸 DECK.

The FC 凸 DECK is powered by Daihatsu's safe, eco-friendly, low-cost, precious-metal-free liquid fuel cell (35kW) built into the body. It's a fuel cell system using their unique liquid fuel called "CleaN2 Fuel".

Also, they are introducing a compact sized electric generator, the FC Dock 20c, and the luggage-looking portable electric generator, the FC Dock 05c. They are generators that you can use not only for cars, but also for any electrical appliance.

The metal-free liquid fuel cell can avoids the risk of price increases due to scarcity of rare metals and can be used in times of disaster. It is expected to be distributed to the public sometime soon.

FC 凸 DECK Size: L3,395mm x W1,475mm x H1,985mm
Wheel base: 2,445mm
Seat capacity: 2 persons