Sony applied for a patent for their SmartWig in Europe and the U.S.


The world gets excited every time a new wearable technology device such as smart watch and smart glasses is released, so recently, electronics manufacturers in the world have been trying to develop unique innovative wearable devices.

Sony is one of these companies trying hard to develop something that can surprise the world. Associated company, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., has been developing a wig-shaped smart device and applying for its patent in Europe and the U.S..

SmartWig has a communication apparatus and small vibrators built-in inside of the wig, and you can pair up SmartWig to your smart devices.
Once the destination is inputted into a smart device like a PC or smartphone, SmartWig will lead you to where you want to go by receiving the information and telling you what direction you should go in with vibration. It also lets you know when your smartphone gets a phone call or message.

Besides that, SmartWig has health-care-related functionalities as well. For example, it can detect your body temperature and blood pressure to keep you in shape.
Of course, you can use SmartWig as a regular wig, too!

Photo by 47News