Olympus - IC recorder with Wi-Fi function - can be controlled with a smart device


From Olympus' IC recorder series "Voice-Trek", new upgraded model Voice-Trek DS-901 will be released on December 6.

Voice-Trek DS-901 features a Wi-Fi function for the first time in the history of Olympus' IC recorders. By pairing it up with a smart device, you can use the smart device as the IC recorder's remote control to start/stop recording from a distance.

There is also a useful function called "Visual Index" built-in. It enables you to index recorded data with photos that you take with the smart device.

Size: 115mm×51mm×17.9mm
Weight: 105g
Recorded format: Linea PCM, MP3, WMA
Built-in Memory: 4GB
External Memory: SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card