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“Excuse me, could you psychoanalyze the time for me?”
Long, long before today's news of the ePaper-powered Kisai Rorschach, we were regularly visiting and mentally adding to cart from Tokyoflash’s* super-dense catalog of unique, you-can’t-get-these-anywhere-else wristwatches.

From sleek and minimalist to (actually) flashy hyper-geektastic timepieces, Tokyoflash serves the desire for: #1. something different or foreign, something distinct, something not easily acquired, a conversation starter; and #2. the deliciously dorky joy of needing mathematics and/or knowledge of an ancient (or completely made up) numeric system… to tell the time. 

The Kisai Rorschach E Ink Watch: A New Level of Geekery
If you’ve handled a Kindle or other ePaper/E Ink product, you know the screens look great, and, unlike other digital reading displays, how seemingly natural and rather pleasing to the eye they can be. So, go ahead and imagine that on a watch - a
 watch that displays the time with inspiration from Swiss psychologist Herman Rorschach. Level. Up.

The Kisai Rorschach is a fully featured watch with time & date, alarms and all the usual jazz, but also, when you really wanna crank up the geekery, there are difficulty settings for the Rorschach images generated to display the time. To conserve and extend the already long-lasting battery, the watch can also be programmed to sleep and wake up on a schedule, e.g., when one goes to bed, and when one wakes.

More from Tokyoflash:

“Kisai Rorschach replicates the appearance of an inkblot on paper while cleverly displaying the digital time. The watch includes 3 time modes, date, alarm, positive and negative modes and is only 6.4mm thin."

Reading the time is simple. Hours are shown in the top right, minutes in the bottom left, the rest of the screen is a reflection of these digits which creates the inkblot effect.

Kisai Rorschach was originally a concept submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog by Tokyoflash fan Sam Jerichow from Germany.”

Here’s the Lineup
More and larger images, and the promo video, can be found below:

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