NTT docomo starts new service for overseas use - to use unlimited packet data abroad for a fixed daily fee


NTT docomo is going to release this new service where you can use unlimited package data abroad for a reasonable fixed daily fee (24 hours)  called Kaigai 1day Pake on November 2.

They have 3 different set fees according to the areas that you are visiting. ex. 980 yen for Korea, 1,280 yen for England, and 1,580 yen for the U.S. including Hawaii on a daily basis.

After 24 hours of use, the package automatically stops so you don't need to worry about canceling.

You can use unlimited package data with Kaigai 1day Pake, however, when the amount of data you use exceeds 30MB, the connection speed will slow down to 16kbps. If you don't want the connection to slow down, you can choose other plans that NTT docomo offers. There is a similar package communication plan for overseas use called Kaigai Pake Hodai. This plan costs maximum ¥2,980 a day, which is more expensive than the new Kaigai 1day Pake, however it has no limitation regarding the amout of internet you use.

Countries/regions and daily fee:

Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, Malaysia, Guam, Saipan etc

China, Australia, England, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Canada etc

the U.S., Hawaii, India, Philippines, New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, U.A.E, Egypt etc