Hakuba - Lens Pen - to make a camera lens clean easily

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Photographers regularly have to blow dust off their camera lens with a blower and polish it up with a non-woven cleaning cloth in order to keep their camera lenses clean. It seems like time-consuming troublesome work to do for those who like cameras and enjoy taking photos but who also have busy schedules.

However, with the lens cleaner "Lens Pen" sold by Japanese camera equipment company, Hakuba, you might stop feeling that it's a bother to keep your camera lens clean.

"Lens Pen" is a pen-shaped lens cleaner combining a brush and a leather polisher covered with carbon powders. Carbon powders work like lens cleaning fluid, and the leather polisher wipes off greasy dirt such as sebum and fingerprints and removes static electricity to keep dust away. When you put the cap back on Lens Pen, the leather polisher part gets covered with the carbon powers automatically.  

Price: ¥2,625
Color: silver, black