Tokyo Motor Show: Video from GaijinPot, Photos from AkihabaraNews

Tokyo Motor Show - GaijinPot &

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show opened to the public today, so if you're here, get yourself to the Big Sight convention center ASAP. Otherwise, photos and video from AkihabaraNews and our friends at GaijinPot will bring you as close as is digitally possible!

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Press days at giant tech/auto/etc. conventions are wonderful things - particularly for an auto show where everyone really wants to (and can) get up-close and personal with the cars. After throngs of adoring autogeeks pour in, getting clean shots and good angles is quite a challenge. AkihabaraNews and colleagues at GaijinPot took full advantage, and we've already assembled some great multimedia for your viewing pleasure.

43rd Tokyo Motor Show: Big, Tech, and Green
While an international event, the Tokyo Motor Show is naturally well-dominated by Japanese automakers. This year's show does include a healthy European contingent, but American manufacturers are largely absent. Actually, our contacts at GM Japan openly stated their indifference - but really, unless all you love are full-sized pickup trucks and mammoth SUVs, it hardly matters. Gearheads, tech nerds, and anyone with even a passing interest in humanity's favorite means of locomotion will be wowed by the makers who did bring their A-games out to Tokyo Bay.

Not surprisingly, this year is a lot about hybrids, all-electrics, fuel-cell vehicles, and of course shoehorning in all the modern connectivity and personalization possible. We'll have more on that in the coming week or so, but for now, we're done with the tell, and it's time to show!

GaijinPot's video, hosted by their resident documentary superstar Anthony Joh, is a really fun roundup of the exteriors, interiors, various associated tech, and of course the ladies presenting their company's best work. And, if you'd like to get a closer look at some of the cars without pausing YouTube, jump through to AkihabaraNews' Motor Show Intro photo gallery:

Last note of the day: check out the GPodGaijinPot's weekly podcast covering all things Japan, including tech updates and commentary from AkihabaraNewsA new Motor Show-focused episode will be up soon! 

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