Thanko - Upgraded "Mitamanma Megane H.264" - tiny camera built-in glasses


Last April, Thanko released Mitamanma Megane, which looks like regular glasses but has a micro-miniature camera built-in to allow you to take a video of wherever you are looking. And today, they have just released an upgraded new version of the glasses - called Mitamanma Megane H.264.

Thanko added an even smaller camera to Mitamanma Megane H.264 than the one in the previous model and the camera is hardly perceptible. It supports H.264 video codec and films HD video (1280x720) at 30fps, so that it's very good at taking a video while you are moving fast, for example while you are cycling or playing sports.

It is able to continuously record 40-minute video when it's fully charged.

Price: ¥8,980
Size: 150x150x30mm
Weight: 40g
Compliant OS: Windows8, 7, Vista, XP
Power Source: USB
Media: microSD card (2GB-32GB)