I-O Data - HDD for Wii U to easily enlarge the amount of its storage capacity


I-O Data is going to release the portable HDD "HDPC-UT500" compatible with Wii U in mid-December, which comes with an ideal Y-USB cable for connecting to Wii U.

Wii U itself has built-in memory for saving data and downloaded game software, but by connecting the HDD "HDPC-UT500" to your Wii U, you will have extra 500GB capacity to save more game software.

Of course, you can use "HDPC-UT500" for other devices with the accompanying cables.

Price: ¥10,600
Color: black, silver
Size: W75xD112xH14mm
Weight: 160g
Interface: USB3.0/2.0
Accessories: Y-USB cable (for Wii U), USB3.0 cable, USB2.0 cable