GPod Episode #2: Strangely Archaic Web Design, and Finding and Keeping a Job in Japan

GPod Episode #2 -

The GPod, with GaijinPot's Anthony Joh and AkihabaraNews' Reno J. Tibke
We're superdorkily excited to introduce our readers to GaijinPot's newest venture: the GPod, hosted by veteran podcaster Anthony Joh. 
The GPod is a weekly podcast serving up the latest in-depth news and updates from Japan.

Each show features an interview with a guest who brings their unique experience about life here in Japan, and of course a tech update from AkihabaraNews.

For those abroad who might not be hip, GaijinPot is the portal for jobs, studying, and travel in Japan; statistically speaking, it's safe to say that pretty much all non-Japanese job seekers in Japan have browsed GaijinPot or posted a resume on the site. GaijinPot is the medium, if you're curious about the voices, scroll yourself all the way down here.

GPod Episode #2: Getting a Job in Japan
The show opens with Anthony and Reno discussing a recently buzzing tech topic: Japanese web design, and why it looks so, charitably speaking, "different" from what we see in the west. Reno and Anthony cover a few causal factors and wax arrogant on the subject.

Episode #2's featured guest, Byron Jones, introduces the ins & outs, dos & don'ts, and how-tos of getting a job in Japan. Byron started off as an English teacher and has moved up to be one of Tokyo’s top recruiters. He gives the lowdown on how to apply for jobs from overseas, visa hurdles, do you have to speak Japanese, understanding Japanese work culture, and more.

So, if you want some insight on why most Japanese web design channels the ghost of Geocities, Anthony & Reno have the outsider's inside perspective. And then, if you want to work in Japan but don't know where to get started or how it all works, Bryon's got a lot of insight and advice.


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About GPod Host Anthony Joh:
Anthony Joh has been a business savvy entrepreneur ever since his first venture selling newspapers at the age of 9. After getting the travel bug he sold his successful auto detailing business and took off on a European adventure to indulge in his passion for classic sports cars. Having lived in various parts of North America, Europe and Asia, Anthony now calls Japan home and can be heard every week on the GPod podcast.

About GPod Contributor Reno J. Tibke:
Reno is a pathologically tech-obsessed purveyor of Technosnark©®™ who's been bouncing back and forth from the U.S. to Japan for 13 years. He's also an Editor and Content Curator at AkihabaraNews. If you really want to know more about that guy, jump through to his bio