Casio - EX-FC400S - EXILIM camera for golfers


Casio announced that they are going to release their new EXILIM camera for golfers - EX-FC400S - on November 29.

They first released a digital camera series for golfers in 2009.  Through this series, you can learn about your golf swing form with ultra-slow motion footage taken by this high-speed film camera and use a guideline on the camera's monitor to analyze your form. The "EX-FC400S" is its 5th model.

The new "EX-FC400S" has a tiltable monitor and stand, so that you can easily take a video of yourself swinging. There are several functions built-in to assist your practice such as a backlight correction function and angle indicator function (to tell you slight differences with your swings, with numbers).

Effective pixels: 16.1 million pixels
Image sensor: 1/2.3 CMOS (16.79 million total pixels)
Monitor: 3 inch TFT LCD
Memory: 19.9MB
Lens focal length: f=4.24~53.0mm
(an equivalent focal length of 24~300mm in 35mm terms)
Size: 107.5x61.5x36.7mm
Weight: 226g (only the body)