Volkswagen Japan - The Beetle with an open-air bathtub


Volkswagen Japan conducted a promotional campaign, which is about making one person's dream come true with the "The Beetle" by Volkswagen.

The lucky person, Mr. Maekawa, had his dream come true out of about 6,500 applicants. He wanted to make The Beetle's rear seat a Ro-ten-buro (meaning open-air hotspring in Japanese) and enjoy driving with the option of enjoying an open air bath in his back seat, and Volkswagen Japan made it for him - The special customized car is called "The Beet湯". 湯 (pronounced "yu") means hot water bath.

He enjoyed the open-air hot spring in The Beetle at Lake Motosu, with views of magnificent Mt.Fuji.

The Beet湯 creating process:

Trip to Mt. Fuji with The Beet湯:

Photos by Response