Toshiba - dynabook Tab VT484 - 8 inch Windows tablet produced for the first time by a Japanese manufacture


Toshiba is going to release Windows tablet "dynabook Tab VT484", which is the first 8 inch tablet with Windows 8.1 produced for the first time by a Japanese manufacturer, on November 22.

"dynabook Tab VT484" features an 8 inch touch panel display (1,280x800 dots), Intel Atom Z3740(1.33GHz), 2GB memory (LPDDR3-1066), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 8M effective pixel out-camera and 2M effective pixel in-camera.

There will be 3 models available: "VT484/26K" with 64GB storage, and "VT484/23K" and "VT484/22K" with 32GB storage. "VT484/26K" and "VT484/23K" has "Office Home and Business 2013" pre-installed, and "VT484/22K" has "Office Personal 2013" pre-installed.

It is compatible with the application "RZ Sweet express" that allows you to watch a recorded TV program with the tablet anywhere you want.

The estimated price will: "VT484/26K" is over ¥60,000, "VT484/23K" is about ¥60,000, and "VT484/22K" is about ¥50,000.

Size: 135.9 x 213 x 10.7mm
Weight: 445g


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Toshiba is going to release new audio system REGZA Sound System RSS-AZ77 in late August.

REGZA Sound System RSS-AZ77 consists of 3 cylindrical parts: a dual drive woofer (maximum output 40W) and 2 satellite speakers (maximum output 20W+20W), and it produces a powerful and clear TV sound. It's used by placement behind a TV so that it doesn't interfere with your view while you watch TV.

Yoriko Takahashi - January 10, 2014

AT CES 2014, Toshiba unveiled their new notebook PC Chromebook and they surprised people by its real cheap price setting. It's going to be released in the U.S. for ONLY $280!

Chromebook has a 13.3 inch full HD display, Intel Celeron CPU processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, and 100GB Google Drive storage. It weights 1.5kg and is less than 1 inch thick.

The built-in battery runs for 9 hours. There are 2 USB3.0 ports, an HDMI port and memory card reader.

Toshiba - 2,550mAH Ni-MH low self-discharge rechargeable battery


Toshiba is going to release the 2,550mAh Ni-MH low self-discharge rechargeable battery "THE IMPULSE" in late September. Compared with the current high-capacity model, the new model has 150mAh bigger capacity.

At the moment, for charging the existing batteries that are out, you can only use the existing charger "TNHC-34HC", but a new charger and batteries set (TNHC-34AHG) is planned to be released around November.


Reno J. Tibke - September 13, 2013

Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! -

This week it's a Japan-led team’s Earthquake-hunting boat setting off to drill into the place where earthquakes come from (

Toshiba announced that they will release a new dynabook KIRA series notebook PC, the dynabook KIRA L93 in late June.

The dynabook KIRA L93 has an LCD display that makes a 360-degree turn and a detachable keyboard. So, you can choose the way you want to use it among 7 different ways:

- Notebook PC style
- Tablet style
- Desktop style
- Canvas style
- Flat style
- Tent style

Terrie's Take -

Terrie’s Take is a selection of Japan-centric news collected and collated by long-time resident and media business professional Terrie Lloyd. AkihabaraNews is pleased to present Terrie’s learned perspective; we all could use another take on the news - here’s Terrie’s:

Toshiba REGZA Super Serious -

Unflinching Dedication to High-Def
Okay, so be forewarned that this isn't really news, we just want you to watch this video because it's funny how serious this CEATEC spokesdancer was about Toshiba 4K TVs. She was unshakable. Like a rock. She believed in the power of TV with resolution that's beyond the perceptive capability of the human eye!


Toshiba just announced that they are going to release 3 new models of their 13.3 inch Ultrabook "dynabook KIRA" series in late November.

Models of the "dynabook KIRA" series have a light and thin body, featuring a 13 inch WQHD display, 4th generation Intel Core processor, Windows 8.1, 4K compliant HDMI, etc.

Toshiba is going to unleash the world's first 4K LCD display (3840x2160) built-in notebook PC - dynabook T954 - on April 25.

The price is expected to be about ¥220,000.

Toshiba used the technology of their 4K compliant TV REGZA and improved it for this notebook PC. The dynabook T954 has a 15.6-inch IGZO touch panel display, Core i7 4700HQ CPU, Radeon R9 M265X GPU, 8GB memory, 1TB storage, Hybrid HDD, Blu-ray as an optical drive, Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.0.

Toshiba EXCERIA PRO SD memory card


Toshiba is going to release the UHS-Ⅱ compatible SD memory card “EXCERIA PRO” series (32GB and 16GB) in October – It has the world's fastest writing speed 240MB/s.

The writing speed is 2.5 times faster than the existing UHS-Ⅰ compatible models so that “EXCERIA PRO” series can transfer large volumes of data more quickly. Its reading speed s 260MB/s.

Also, around November “EXCERIA” series (32GB and 64GB) will be out as well. Its writing speed is 260MB/s and the reading speed is 120MB/s.

Toshiba is releasing the world's first NFC-enabled SDHC memory card on February 21. 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB model will be available.

Yoriko Takahashi - September 03, 2013

Toshiba - Hello Kitty SDHC memory card


Hello Kitty designed SDHC memory card is going to released by Toshiba in mid-September.

The capacity is 8GB. It supports the SD speed class "Class 10" that guarantees 10MB/second read and write transfer speed and also supports "UHS speed class 1".

Price: Open price