Thanko - Alarm clock with clear plastic board to prevent you from forgetting important matters


Have you ever experienced that you come up with an excellent idea in bed before falling asleep and then completely forget the idea next morning?

Thanko just released the clever product to solve the problem, and it's an alarm clock with a clear plastic board.

You can write down anything you don't want to forget, such as a business idea, shopping list and your friend's birthday, on the board with the accompanying pen. In a dark room, the letters you wrote down shine softly with LED light. You can easily erase the letters with Kleenex.

The back of the alarm clock has USB 4-port hub so that you can charge your smartphone or other devices by the bed while you sleep.

How about using it as a tool to telling you love your girlfriend or leaving a message from Santa Clause to your children for Christmas?

Price: ¥2,480