PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Whatever, Give Props to Ralph Baer!

Ralph Baer - Video Game Console Inventor - AkihabaraNews.com

Appreciating Ralph Baer, Inventor of the First Video Game Console
At this moment, the combination of fresh reviews, 
ongoing debate, and full-on, executive-level hyperdorky flame wars over PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One is among humanity's most plentiful sources of self-sustaining renewable energy. Too bad we can't harvest them. The energy, that's what we mean. Harvesting gamers, a not entirely meritless proposition, remains morally sticky. 

As such, rather than add to it, AkihabaraNews would like to celebrate the origins and emergence of the now global, multi-billion dollar gaming industry - an industry forever bolted atop the proverbial Giant Shoulders of American inventor and National Medal of Technology recipient Ralph Baer.

Though he's not regarded in the same fashion, considering the impact this one guy has had on the entirety of humanity, in our opinion it's completely reasonable to place Baer among the ranks of your Steve Jobses, Bill Gateses, and Jeff Bezoses.

The Museum-Quality Gaming Console
Baer, the one human being most directly responsible for creating the video game industry and the above mentioned supply of blah blah blah, along with a concise and informative early history of gaming, is nicely profiled here by the Smithsonian
So have a watch, learn about Baer's iconic Brown Box, and then you may return to the sadly untappable fanboy fusion reaction.

And yeah, okay, we're talking trash, but we'll probably end up doing the same. Thanks a lot, Baer!

No really, thanks.