teamLabBody 3D human anatomy app

This is the teamLabBody, co-developed by teamLab and Professor Sugamoto, in Osaka University's department of orthopedics. It is a 3D human anatomy app, based on the joints and natural range of movements of the human body.

"Data on the joints and movements of living people were scanned and collected, over more than a decade, to create this 3D model. It enables the parts of the human body to be viewed from all possible angles. The parts can also be enlarged, so they can be studied in considerable detail."

"Also, if you lower this bar, you can see which muscles, veins, arteries, and nerves are attached to which bones. Another feature of this application is, if you tap the top right here, it goes into skeleton mode. So you can see how the skeleton moves, like this."

Currently, this app supports Japanese and English, and it's available for purchase via the App Store and Google Play.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: At this time the app appears limited to the Japanese iTunes Store, iPad only. Wider release, and soon, is likely.]

"This app has already been introduced in hospitals. When physicians give explanations, to receive informed consent from patients, they can talk with patients while looking at the iPad. They can explain what part of the body is involved, how the muscles and nerves are connected to it, and why the symptoms have occurred. People say this system makes explaining and understanding very easy."

"We have introduced this as a digital textbook at medical universities, so it could be used in a wide range of places."