Buffalo - 10,400mAh mobile battery - iPhone 5 can be fully charged 4 times!


Buffalo is going to release the 10,400mAh mobile battery "BSMPB07" for smartphone and tablet in late November for 9,765 yen.

It is rated to be able to charge an iPhone 5 about 4 times. It has 2 USB ports, 2.1A output and 1A output, so that it's able to charge 2 smartphones or a smartphone and iPad at a time. Each USB port is optimized for either Apple devices or Android devices to charge their batteries quickly.

"BSMPB07" can work for any devices that are compatible with PC's USB charge like a gaming machine and digital camera.

Price: ¥9,765
Size: 163×178×25mm
Weight: 315g
Color: black, white
Accessories: USB A to micro B cable (15cm)