Seiko - Tokyo Marathon 2014 - Limited edition watch for runners


Seiko, official timekeeper of Tokyo Marathon 2014, will release 3 models of this limited edition watch for runners on December 7. Only 1,000 watches will be available for each model.

Super Runners EX "SBDH019" - ¥15,750

"SBDH019" has multiple efficient functions, for example, a pedometer measurement and a target timer using a 3D sensor intended for people training to finish a marathon. During training runs or during the actual marathon race, it will assist in managing your running by managing your target time, pace, monthly total running distance, etc.

Super Runners Solar "SBEF023" and "SBEF025" - ¥14,700

"SBEF023" and "SBEF025" have a solar-powered charger function. When not getting sunshine and not being used for a while, the power save function will start running, allowing the watch to run for about 20 months without a solar charge.

Tokyo Marathon 2014 will take place on February 23, 2014. It's famous for its extremely competitive registration process, with only 10% of applicants able to secure a spot in the race.