Fujifilm - Kumamon version Cheki will be out - ONLY 5,000 units available


Fujifilm will release a limited edition Kumamon camera for its "Cheki" instant camera series - instax mini 8 Kumamon - on November 15. Only 5,000 units will be available. The estimated price is about ¥9,000.

Kumamon is the most famous "Yurukyara" (meaning "heartwarming mascot characters" in Japanese). Click through to read our recent article about Yurukyara - Japanese love for "Yurukyara" mascot characters.

The exterior of the "instax mini 8 Kumamon" looks like Kumamon itself because of the colors used: the base black color looks like Kumamon's body, the red shutter button like his cheek and the white color around the lens looks like his eyes.

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