TOTO's "Toilet Bike Neo" on display in Roppongi Hills


TOTO put its new "Toilet Bike Neo" concept product on display at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo over the weekend on November 9th and 10th and anybody could take a photo with the motorcycle on those days.

The Toilet Bike Neo runs on biogas generated by "animal excreta" or "household wastewater" according to TOTO. The company developed this concept product to promote their eco-friendly efforts. It can run for a maximum 300km with a full load of animal excreta, according to the company, but added that "You cannot do your business on the motorcycle."

The driver's seat is made from a toilet seat, a huge roll of toilet paper is on the tank in the back, and there is a talking miniature toilet on the front (featured in the funny promotional videos below).

In 2011, the Toilet Bike Neo completed a 1,400km drive from TOTO's corporate headquarters located in Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka prefecture in the Kyushu region to Tokyo.

Promotional video #1:

During a drive on the Toilet Bike Neo, the driver was too busy looking at a sexy bike girl to notice a giant puddle of water in front of him, and of course he fell into the puddle. While he was trying to wipe the "muddy water" now covering the toilet seat, a scary big guy showed up and made it start raining. The rain washed the muddy water easily from the toilet seat because it features "Hydrotect technology" (photocatalyst-utilizing eco-friendly technology) to make the product stain-resistant. The lady said, "hey let's go for a ride", but unfortunately, she turned out to be the scary-looking guy's girlfriend.


Promotional video #2:

During a long trip into the coastal countryside, the driver of Toilet Bike Neo got the urge to use the toilet and begged the Toilet Bike Neo if he can use it as a regular toilet. While they were talking, they realized that a foreigner who was fishing nearby started using it as a toilet and the driver tried to explain that it should not be used as a normal toilet.


Promotional video #3:

This is when the main character of the videos met Toilet Bike Neo for the first time. Toilet Bike Neo explained to him that it's designed to explain TOTO's approach to environmental issues. He then started on a journey with the motorcycle.


Main photo by Sankei