Fujifilm - X-A1 Premium White Box - Limited edition camera & lens kit in all white


Not too long ago, we wrote about Fujifilm's announcement that they are going to release their entry-level camera with interchangeable lenses "FUJIFILM X-A1" to be released on November 23. Today, they announced that the limited lens kit "X-A1 Premium White Box" will be out on December 14 for 89,980 yen. Only 1,000 sets will be available.

"FUJIFILM X-A1" comes with a "FUJIFILM X-A1" camera in premium white color, a zoom lens "XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS Silver", a fixed focal length lens "XF27mmF2.8 Silver", and a body jacket & shoulder strap with star embossings on it.



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Fujifilm has just opened a special webpage for celebrating their 80th anniversary, and in the webpage, they revealed that they plan to introduce a new X-series camera on January 28th.

So far, Fujifilm provided only a vague photo and the information that it's a premium camera from X-series with interchangeable lenses.

REVIEW: Fujifilm X-T1 and The Street Cat Project
You’ll see here the Fujifilm X-T1 Silver Graphite Edition tested for two weeks, solely in the arena of street cat photography - it's s smaller than your DSLR, but it’s certainly not pocket- or even purse-sized. It’s a big camera for taking big photos, for when you absolutely, positively must capture that moment. Read me and look at kittehs!

Fujifilm is going to release portable printer instax SHARE SP-1 on February 15. The portable printer allows you to wirelessly send a photo taken by a smartphone and instantly print it out on film for the instant camera Cheki series.

To use the portable printer, install the dedicated free application, compatible with both Android smartphone and iPhone, to your smartphone. The application provides a lot of templates and editing options to decorate your photos.

Price: Open price

Hello Kitty-shaped Cheki - instax mini Hello Kitty - is going to be out for sale by Fujifilm on November 21.

Hello Kitty marks its 40th anniversary on November 1. To celebrate that, Fujifilm made a Cheki model that has reproduced Hello Kitty's signature big ribbon and face to form the shape of the camera.

A tartan strap, limited designed film and stickers come with instax mini Hello Kitty in a pretty box.

Fujifilm - Wide-angle zoom lens for cinema cameras - supports focal length of 14-35mm


Fujifilm is going to release the wide-angle zoom lens "FUJINON ZK2.5×14" for cinema cameras, which support a focal length of 14mm-35mm, in late September.

"FUJINON ZK2.5×14" weighs only 2.9kg featuring a 35mmPL mount. It has a "Macro function" that allows the camera to shoot in close proximity to the object (max. 33cm). The drive unit, which electrically powers the zoom or focus, is detachable.

Fujifilm Square - Weekly Photo Exhibits in Tokyo

One of our favorite places in Tokyo is Fujifilm Square at the Midtown complex in Roppongi.  Every week or so there is a new photo exhibit on display, and there are often multiple exhibits at the same time.  Entrance is free, and it is open to anyone.

There is typically a theme for each photo exhibit, whether it is based on activities, a certain photographer or group of photographers, domestic photos, overseas photos, certain places, vintage photographs, new photographs, etc.

If you are visiting Tokyo or live here and find yourself in Roppongi, it is worth taking a look.

Fujifilm is going to release a new Cheki camera called instax WIDE 300 on November 21 from their instant camera "instax" series.

The Cheki instax WIDE 300 prints photos that are twice the size of normal Cheki photos.

It has a grip to help hold the camera easily with your right hand and also a hole to attach a tripod at the bottom.

Editor - August 26, 2014

Some Real Competition for the Sony RX100?
announced the release of the new FUJIFILM X30 from their digital camera X series. It will be out for sale for about 65,000 yen on September 20.

FujiFilm will start selling new interchangeable lens for their X-series mirrorless cameras on July 5.

The model name is "FUJINON Lens XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR".