Japanese Robots: Industrial Robotics Sampler from iREX 2013 (VIDEO)

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Gigantic Awesome International Robotics Extravaganza Continues
iREX day two is about to start up at the very big Big Sight convention center here in Tokyo bay, and it's just bananas. Anyone who's ever written about, studied, researched, or even had a barely passing interest in robotics could totally get lost in all of this and never want to go back to the office. One might wistfully long to live here amongst the robots of iREX forever. 

So yeah, it's difficult for one to walk more than 10 steps without falling into robogeeky romance. Not that anyone at AkihabaraNews is that dorky. Just saying, "one" might feel that way. Probably. Those not not yet familiar with iREX - who might have difficulty understanding our enthusiasm - jump over to our iREX 2013 primer to get yourself hip.

Industrial Robotics Sampler
Among our considerable swath of Japanese Robotics coverage, the not exactly sexy industrial robots do get some of their due. Industrial robots are the backbone of the global robotics industry, and they should get a bit more love - so, via our YouTube channel, here's a brief compilation of six industrial robots getting their demo on yesterday at iREX. They're all amazing, but the precision and power of the big ones - when you're standing right next to them - it's just awesome.

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Akihabara News at iREX
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Japanese Robots: iREX 2013 Primer - Japan's International Robot Exhibition


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Microtech Laboratory exhibited the ultra-small rotary encoder MES-6-125PST16C, a device that detects at high accuracy the rotational angle and speed of mechanical devices and motors, at International Robot Exhibition 2013.

"Typical rotary encoders are large industrial models mostly about palm-size, but this product is very small, able to fit on a fingertip."

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