Automatically sync multiple videos to an audio source in real time


This system synchronizes video tracks with an independent audio source in real-time. It has been developed by researchers at Waseda University.

"Ordinarily, to play video and audio content in sync, some type of synchronization signal is necessary. But this system doesn't need anything like that as it can synchronize video by using sound played in the same space."

"OK, let's play some sound. Right now, I think each computer is at the stage of detecting where the sound is coming from. Probably, that computer has already synched. I think that one has, too. In this way, we're demonstrating a system that plays video in sync by using sound played in the space as the key."

"This system consists of an audio system and three computers, each of which are running independently. We don't link them through cables or a wireless connection at all. Sound transmitted in the space is imported through the computers' built-in mics, and by comparing that with sound included in the video, each computer independently detects where the sound is being played, and makes the video play in time with it."

"The system detects parts where the frequency changes, and synchronizes the video by referring to those parts."

"Because each device works independently, we think this method has the advantage of being highly scalable. We think it could support new display systems that have a great number of screens."

Source by:
Waseda University