Pioneer - Bluetooth/DLNA compliant bar speaker (3 models)


Pioneer announced that they will release 3 models of new bar speakers in late November: SBX-300, SBX-N500, and SBX-N700.

"SBX-300" is a 2.2ch speaker (6.6cm speakers x 2, bass reflection 7.7cm subwoofers x 2) with Bluetooth ability that makes it capable of playing music from a smartphone or tablet, etc. wirelessly. To output TV sound, you need to use an optical audio cable. The maximum output is 130W.

"SBX-N500" and "SBX-N700" can connect to TV with an HDMI cable. They are compatible with a Wi-Fi connection, DLNA1.5, and Miracast/Wi-Fi DirectTM/YouTube Send which can display photos and movies saved in your smartphone/tablet or can show YouTube videos wirelessly by TV. The maximum output for both models is 140W. "SBX-N700" comes with a wireless sub-woofer.

The size of all 3 models is W900xH86xL121mm. "SBX-300" weighs 4.3kg and "SBX-N500" and "SBX-N700" weigh 4.4kg. The sub-woofer of "SBX-N700" is W200xH415xL271mm and weighs 6.7kg.