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Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013 wrapped up over the weekend, and while it was mostly Team Skeletonics' giant human-powered exoskeleton that held our attention, there were a few other items of interest - here's a bite-sized gallery with a few notions of what we encountered.

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About Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013
Via Stett Holbrook at MakeZine, an overview of the second annual Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013:

"Maker Faire Tokyo [was last] Sunday and Monday, Nov. 3-4. The fair is in its second year and [was] held again at the National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation. Last year’s event attracted about 10,000 attendees and this year is expected to be even bigger. Here’s a sampling of what’s on tap:

[Team Skeletonics] makes mechanical suits that give the wearer twice the power of mere humans. Due to legal restrictions, their usage is limited [at the show], but they will be on display at the fair. [The] line-up of speakers [was] particularly good this year: 

  • Autodesk CEO Carl Bass [gave] a presentation entitled “the appearance of new manufacturing in North America.
  • littleBits’ Paul Rothman [was] joined by Sakamaki Masahiko and Shigeru Kobayashi for a presentation about open source hardware.
  • Fukushima Wheel [conducted] “reinvent the wheel, ” an effort to use big data and sensors attached to bicycles to gather and share information about Fukishima, site of the [nuclear meltdown component of the 2011 Tohoku Disaster].
  • ARTSAT envisions a satellite as a device that ”that connects the earth and the universe” and new possibilities in the use of space in artistic expression.

So that's how it went, and then, of course, the photos: 
(for Skeletonics photos, see this gallery - Skeletonics video here):

GALLERY - Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013 - AkihabaraNews.com

GALLERY: Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013 - A Brief Photo Essay

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Images: Reno J. Tibke, AkihabaraNews.com