King Jim - Slim desk scanner "desk shot"


The purpose of this product is not obvious at first glance…

It's a slim desk scanner called "desk shot", which is going to be released on November 29 by King Jim.

Unlike a big flat scanner, the desk shot's compact body will never bother you at your desk. When you want to scan a document, simply activate the dedicated software and click the start button. The tiny camera at the top will scan the document or object placed below it.

There are 3 scanning modes: "Document mode" that is best for digitizing A4 size papers, post cards, business cards. etc., "Marker mode" that is able to scan only the part of a document that you circled with a special marker pen, and "Non correction mode" that can scan any kind of object as it shows in the preview on the screen.

Price: ¥15,540
Size: W65 x D78 x H386mm
Weight: 185g