Bandai - Take that! Hello Kitty robot is going to fire a rocket at you!


Lovely Hello Kitty became a 10.5cm tall robot and it will be released in June 2014 by Bandai for 4,400 yen. The robot is called - Chogokin Hello Kitty.

Chogokin is one of Bandai's product brands that sells die-cast toys of robot anime or hero characters, and they are going to have their 40th anniversary next year. Hello Kitty happens to have the 40th anniversary of her birth next year as well. So, on their memorial year, 2014, they decided to release this collaborated item.

Chogokin Hello Kitty is cable of transforming into "Under-water mode", "Running mode", "Flying mode" and "Punpun mode (means angry mode)". It even has the special weapon "Rocket Punch" that means she fires a rocket from her arm.

There is a small cockpit installed in the Chogokin Hello Kitty robot and a 23mm tall Hello Kitty mini-figure, which comes with the robot, will fit into the cockpit.

Chogokin Hello Kitty is planned to be released outside of Japan too.



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