VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: How to Ride Your Giant Exoskeleton, by Team Skeletonics (at Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013)

Riding, Demoing, and Dismounting Skeletonics -

Getting in/on, Demoing, and Getting out of a Team Skeletonics Exoskeletal Suit
in a pretty small room)

Over the weekend we visited a conceptual capital, a Mecca of sorts, of super-powered, executive-level Japanese geekdom: Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013.

While there were countless creative and novel projects on display - well, they're countable, but the crowded rooms filled with naked circuit boards and 3D printers and all manner of creative technodorkery is challenging to comprehensively absorb - the star for us was the Okinawa-born, now Tokyo-based Team Skeletonics and their Skeletonics exoskeletal suit.

We managed a close-up look at how Skeletonics is worn, or ridden, or gotten into or whatever, several demo movements, and of course the dismount, or getting-out-of process (need to hammer out that terminology). To our knowledge, this video is the most comprehensive close-up footage available of the Skeletonics exokeleton.

The Team Skeletonics guys are friendly, accommodating, and clearly excited about what they're doing. It's so very refreshing to see that kind of unrestrained enthusiasm for such pristinely distilled robogeekery. Enjoy the video here, and jump to the AkihabarNews YouTube channel for more.

Second Annual Maker Faire: Tokyo
Maker Faire events have been held in the U.S. since 2005, and curiously, this is only the second year Maker Faire has been organized in Tokyo. This year's gathering filled several rooms and spanned three buildings attached to Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan; Japanese Future Museum; 日本科学未来館) - this is the place where, in July of this year, ASIMO practiced autonomous greetings and presentations to the befuddlement of journalists around the world.

Japanese Robots: ASIMO Gets a Taste of Human Nature; Media Forgets How to Journalism

Last year's Maker Faire: Tokyo saw an estimated 10,000 visitors, and from the crowds on Sunday, we have to assume marketly increased attendance for an even dorkier, more creative, and all-around inspiring 2013 event; 2014 should be that much more.

Positive Sign of Grassroots Development & Upstart Startups?
AkihabaraNews has a keen interest in the nascent Japanese startup & venture capital business culture; naturally, if deep pockets are paying attention, Maker Faire could play a considerable role therein. It's hard to know how many VC players visited Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013, but given the lack of innovation coming from the big players of J-Tech, shrewd investors must have been hovering and investigating - and if not, they most certainly should have been.

Terra Motors & PocketVenture Live! Tokyo: Is Japan Finally Getting Hip to Startup Culture?


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Murata Manufacturing recently unveiled a team of 10 robots called the Murata Cheerleaders, which dance in formation while balancing on top of balls.

The Murata Cheerleaders are Murata’s fourth generation of robots, following the bicycle-riding MURATA BOY in 1991, the second MURATA BOY in 2005, and the unicycle-riding MURATA GIRL in 2008. All of these robots incorporate Murata’s proprietary core technology.

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Yes, it matters that they're Korean!
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