REMINDER: iREX International Robot Exhibition Starts Tomorrow!

iREX 2013 Primer -

The Japan Robot Association (JARA) and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun will open the 20th bi-ennial iREX International Robot Exhibition here in Tokyo tomorrow morning. This is Japan’s, perhaps the entire planet's premier robotics extravaganza. We're all over it.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from our Japanese Robots feature published here in August. Jump through for a full breakdown of the event:
Japanese Robots: iREX 2013 Primer - Japan's International Robot Exhibition

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iREX is:
We’ll resist the urge to just say "Gigantic Awesome Robotics Extravaganza!", and go ahead and break it down a bit:

JARA does exactly as one would totally expect a JARA to do; it’s a membership organization for Japanese robotics born of Japan’s exploding industrial robotics and automation industry of the late 1960s & early 70s. Eventually, its focus broadened to include personal, social, and service robotics as well. The other primary partner in iREX organization & promotion, the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, or ”Daily Engineering Newspaper/Newsletter,” also does exactly what it sounds like it would be doing: providing news and networking for Japan’s engineering and manufacturing sectors and promoting those industries through various events and seminars and great big huge robotics exhibitions in the heart of Tokyo.

According to the organizers, and probably pretty accurately stated, the held-every-two-years iREX International Robot Exhibition is the world’s largest and awesomest exclusively robotics-focused tradeshow. The event is four days of engineers, makers, and manufacturers networking, attending seminars, and of course displaying, demoing, and hawking their robotic wares to each other and the public at large. 

Stats from 2011:

  • Number of exhibitors: 208 companies; 69 organizations
  • Number of booths: 1,085
  • Number of Overseas Exhibitors (of the above): 36 companies; 7 organizations
  • Number of Overseas Booths: 98
  • Total Number of Exhibition Visitors (over four days): 102,361
  • Estimated Number of Overseas Visitors (of the above): 3000

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There is little doubt about how awesome this show promises to be. We'll post coverage this week, and beginning tomorrow morning we'll be regularly updating the AkihabaraNews Facebook page with photos, videos, and commentary from the event - tune in to keep yourself hip to what's happening on the ground at iREX 2013! 

Japanese Robots: iREX 2013 Primer - Japan's International Robot Exhibition