The Kong Show, Episode 2: Featuring AkihabaraNews, Japan Today, and More! (AUDIO)

Kong Show, Episode #2 -

This Week on Episode #2 of The Kong Show
AkihabaraNews introduced the growing Japanese tech startup phenomenon, the Neurocam mind-reading life stream recorder, and LED tatami mats for the home.

AkihabaraNews on the The Kong Show Podcast Featuring Kamasami Kong
Episode #2 in a new broadcasting partnership with our friends at Japan Today as they present The Kong Show, featuring Tokyo & Osaka radio legend Kamasami Kong! 

Writers, editors, and budding podcasters from's Tokyo-based executive-level technology geek squad join The Kong Show to introduce this week's big tech stories and just to tech-commentate in general.


Listeners can subscribe via iTunes or SoundCloud to automatically get hip to Tokyo's tech & culture goings on. New shows post each and every Friday (unless it's like this week where there's a glitch - but no worries, it's only #2, and we're glitch smashers). 

What's The Kong Show?
AkihabaraNews joins Kong's weekly podcast to get listers hip to what's happening in Japanese tech and tech culture and provide our unique perspective on the various happenings here in the giant metropolis. 
New shows are available every Friday, and just in case you miiiight be wondering, yes - it's in English! And of course, let us know what you think, and let us know what you want to hear!


Join Kamasami Kong and his guests on The Kong Show to hear the latest news and trends in Japan news, tech, entertainment, interviews, and the weird & wonderful happenings around Japan! Comments, suggestions and requests for upcoming episodes of the Kong Show are very welcome. A new show is launched every Friday.

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