YASHICA - Digital camera with max. 500X zoom ability "Mobile Digital Microscope MS-01"


The palm-sized digital camera "YASHICA Mobile Digital Microscope MS-01" with maximum 500X zoom ability has been released by SAMURAI MARKETING INC. today.

Looking through the 2.7inch LCD monitor, you can take photos of the micro world. When it's too dark, turn on the built-in 4 LED lights and illuminate the object. It features a CMOS image sensor (5M pixels) and 5mm-50mm focal length, and it can take 640x480 dot or 320x240 dot moving images.

Estimate price: About ¥9,980
Size: 69.8mm x 115mm x 24.6mm
Weight: 97g
Media: microSD/microSDHC card (Up to 32GB)
Battery: size AAA battery x 4