Vanilla Air started selling tickets - one-way ¥1,000 for all routes!


We talked about the new Japanese low-cost carrier Vanilla Air when they changed their company name to "Vanilla Air" from "AirAsia Japan" within a year of being founded.

Vanilla Air is going to start selling air tickets at 3pm today (Japan time) for the first time, and they will offer one-way ¥1,000 ticket of 13,000 seats for all of their routes as a special campaign called "Waku Waku Vanilla". Date of flights you can book are after December 20.

Flights you can book from 3pm today (Japan Time) and the available time periods:

Tokyo - Taipei, Taiwan: 20 December - 29 March
Tokyo - Seoul, Korea: 1 March - 29 March
Tokyo - Okinawa, Japan: 20 December - 29 March
Tokyo - Sapporo, Japan: 20 January - 29 March

If you are thinking of planning a trip to one of these destinations from Tokyo, don't miss out! And if you have a chance to fly with them, please give us your review about this new LCC airline.