1200 Zombies Invade Tokyo Tower - AkihabaraNews Live Facebook Event - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Zombies Invade Tokyo Tower - AkihabaraNews.com

Happy Halloween from Japan!
For most of our English language readers, it's not Halloween just yet, but over here, west of the international dateline, it's totally on! Well, actually, as our colleagues over at Japan Today recently pointed out, the popularity of Halloween in Japan has kinda gone through the roof, so we've already seen at least two weeks of parties and events here in Tokyo. Understandably. Halloween rules. 

1200 Zombies Invading Tokyo Tower
Harnessing the J-enthusiasm for Halloween, 
FOX TV Japan, the nationwide distributor of the immensely popular TV horror/drama The Walking Dead, has managed to wrangle 1200 zombies for a Endtimes simulation here in the heart of Tokyo - focused at the base of the iconic Tokyo Tower.

That might seem like a lot of zombies, but with 36 million or so humans to choose from, we're pretty sure it wasn't that difficult to round them up. Especcially so close to Roppongi.*

AkihabaraNews' Live Zombie Facebook Feed!
We're going to be live on the scene in about an hour, updating our Facebook page with photos, videos, and perhaps a bit of snarky (frightened?) commentary. 
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*Roppongi, an ex-pat haven, is scary with near-zombies EVERY night
Images: FOX TV Japan; AkihabaraNews.com; Facebook