River of Humans: Shibuya Station at Rush Hour in High(er) Def (VIDEO)

Shibuya at Rush Hour - AkihabaraNews.com

October 29, 5:15pm: Shibuya Station, Tokyo
If you've never observed Japan's famous "scramble intersections," it looks a mess; flirts with the very edge of stampeding chaos. If you've never jumped into the stream - and then give it a go - it could induce a panic attack! We passed through the station yesterday on our visit to all-electric scooter startup Terra Motors (more to come on that).

As a major transportation, commercial, and cultural hub of the Tokyo metropolis, Shibuya Station serves more than 2.5 million passengers - DAILY!

The Shibuya station area is currently under construction/renewal - a project that will take 15 years to complete.

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