Green House - kana SPORTS - multifunctional IPX8 waterproof audio player


Green House's multifunctional IPX8 waterproof digital audio player - kana SPORTS - is especially made for those who like swimming workouts. It's going to be released in mid-November.

You can swim listening to music or FM radio with "kana SPORTS" and the accompanying waterproof ear phones. In addition, while swimming, "kana SPORTS" is capable of measuring your swimming time, laps (turns), distance, and calorie consumption. It has a high-performance three-axis acceleration sensor built-in so that it is able to count your progress accurately via various positions.

Its 4GB memory can save about 1,000 songs. The 0.96 inch organic EL display  (128×64) has a high level of visibility to allow you to look at it easily through cloudy swimming goggles.

Price: ¥8,980
Color: White, Black, Pink, Green, Yellow
Battery charge: USB
Size: W67×D27×H46mm
Weight: 33g
Compatible OS: Windows 8/7/Vista (SP2) /XP(SP3/32bit)