Casio’s visible light communications technology utilized for Suzuki's motorcycle "EXTRIGGER"


Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced that Suzuki Motor Corporation will utilize Casio’s visible light communications technology for its concept motorcycle model, “EXTRIGGER,” which will be displayed at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 from November 22 to December 1.
Visible light communications technology sends digital signals through blinking lights, which are visible to the human eye. Casio released the world’s first smartphone application utilizing this technology in April of 2012. The app, “picapicamera”, uses the sender’s smartphone screen or LED lights to deliver a message through a blinking signal. This message is then read by the recipient’s smartphone camera.
EXTRIGGER is a concept model of a small, electric motorcycle that aims to spread the joy of riding motorcycles. Suzuki Motor Corporation uses Casio’s visible light communications technology in EXTRIGGER to provide fun tips for riding.
On the front and back sides of EXTRIGGER, luminescence devices equipped with visible light communications technology transmit information through blinking lights. By capturing the blinking lights via the “picapicamera” app on a smartphone, users receive an image on the smartphone screen that the motorcycle shows a message in the form of a speech bubble image. These images can be saved as pictures, and also shared between users who download “picapicamera.”