NEC - AtermW300P - 20g tiny Wi-Fi portable router


NEC is going to release a tiny, portable Wi-Fi router that weights only 20g and is 13.1mm thick - AtermW300P - on November 7.

Surprisingly, this is NEC's first portable Wi-Fi router. They expect growth in Wi-Fi router demand with and increase in use from business people using them on business trips.

It works at 2.4GHz and it is compatible with IEEE 802.11n/g/b. Wireless speed is up to 300Mbps. It's usable with not only wired LAN but also public Wi-Fi service.

LAN cable and USB power cable will come with it.

Price: A bit more than ¥3,000
Color: Black, White
Size: 43.8 x 57.6 x 13.3mm
Weight: 20g