Sanwa Supply - Be a quick-draw salaryman with the "Business Holster"


If you want to be a super salaryman, get a "Business Holster" and keep all your necessary goods close to you 24 hours a day to prepare for daily battles at work. The word "holster" is not just a word for a gunman or cowboy any more!

With the "Business Holster", you can wear a thin bag under your jacket and keep a smartphone, MP3 player, pen, agenda, notebook, keys, mints etc…… so you can be a capable "quick-draw" salaryman and have all the things you need for a business scene.

It's made of stretchy material and it holds your belongings well without noticeable bulges visable from outside a suit jacket. The holster has 4 pockets, a key chain reel, pen holder, a hole for earphone code and adjustable belt, and still weights only 175g.

Price: ¥13,900
Size: 705mm (around the upper arm)
Weight: About 175g
Color: Black



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