Honda reproduced their 50-year-old convertible "Sports 360" for Tokyo Motor Show 2013


Honda announced that they have reproduced and will display the "kei car"-sized (small sized car) convertible "Sports 360" at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.  The car was unveiled in 1962 and became Honda's starting point into the four-wheeled vehicle business.

The Honda Sports 360 was a concept car in 1962 and was never actually produced for sale.

According to Mr. Kobayashi, the person in charge of the Sports 360's reproduction project, because the Sports 360 wasn't produced for sale and the original exist any more, they used a part of the cabin of the "S600" (one of the S series cars made later, based on the Sports 360) and some original Sports 360 parts.

Features of the Sports 360 are its 3,000mm long and 1,300mm wide body, a short rear overhang, and 12 inch tires.

Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Sports 360's debut, and also this year is the 50th anniversary of Honda's entry into the four-wheeled vehicle business, so they decided to reproduce the Sports 360 to show where they started.

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