Sony PlayStation: For The Players Since 1995 (VIDEO)

Playstation Evolution -

Since 1995: Three-Minute, Single-Shot PlayStation History
Sony's latest PS4 promo is a video-based pop-cultural context for a generic British gamer - starting in 1995 with his first PlayStation. The young man's closest mate, disposable friends from the periphery, and via the home decor, the 
socio-cultural context of each era morphs chronologically toward the present where, of course, we ultimately arrive at the PS4.

The 3-minute+ video is shot in one take, or rather, presented as being shot in one take - it's of course dripping with CGI and digital splicing and such, but still the constant, slow pan to the left throughout has a bit of novelty to it.

And, refreshingly, this is a relatively light-handed promo that will probably spark a bit of nostalgia for Sony PlayStation devotees... of course, it reaches back to 1995 - so the older the gamer, the better.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: We're complimenting Sony on the video here, but let it be known that we still harbor ill will; the fate of AIBO and QRIO, two of the most advanced robots ever, cannot be forgotten.]