Sony PlayStation: For The Players Since 1995 (VIDEO)

Playstation Evolution -

Since 1995: Three-Minute, Single-Shot PlayStation History
Sony's latest PS4 promo is a video-based pop-cultural context for a generic British gamer - starting in 1995 with his first PlayStation. The young man's closest mate, disposable friends from the periphery, and via the home decor, the 
socio-cultural context of each era morphs chronologically toward the present where, of course, we ultimately arrive at the PS4.

The 3-minute+ video is shot in one take, or rather, presented as being shot in one take - it's of course dripping with CGI and digital splicing and such, but still the constant, slow pan to the left throughout has a bit of novelty to it.

And, refreshingly, this is a relatively light-handed promo that will probably spark a bit of nostalgia for Sony PlayStation devotees... of course, it reaches back to 1995 - so the older the gamer, the better.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: We're complimenting Sony on the video here, but let it be known that we still harbor ill will; the fate of AIBO and QRIO, two of the most advanced robots ever, cannot be forgotten.]






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Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced today that they are going to release the "Glacier White" PS4 in autumn this year.

"Glacier White" will be the PS4's first color choice except for the original black (Jet Black) model.

It was unveiled that the "Glacier White" PS4 will be sold for USD449 in the U.S. or for EUR439 in Europe, but SCE hasn't announced yet the sales price in Asian countries including Japan.

Ralph Baer - Video Game Console Inventor -

Appreciating Ralph Baer, Inventor of the First Video Game Console

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is going to start selling new product PlayStation TV in European countries and the U.S. this fall.   

PlayStation TV is a non-portable version of the PlayStation Vita handheld game console. It has been already released in Japan and other Asian counties in November 2013 as "PlayStation Vita TV". While "PlayStation Vita TV" is in white, the new PlayStation TV is in black.

Yoriko Takahashi - September 09, 2013

New model PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 will be out

Today at the press event "SCEJA Press Conference 2013", Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they will release a new model of PlayStation Vita (PCH-2000 series) on October 10. The price will be ¥19,929.

The new model is 15mm thin and weights 219g (20% thinner and 15% lighter than the current model). The display will be changed from organic EL, which is used for the current model, to an LCD display. It has 1GB built-in memory so that you can save data.

Sony Sells 5.3 Million PS4s -

Well, that's Escalating Nicely