JVC Kenwood - 4K compliant home theater projector (2 models)


JVC Kenwood's 2 new projectors for home use "DLA‐X700R" and "DLA‐X500R", scheduled to be released in early December, are able to display 4K quality (3840×2160 pixels) high-resolution images due to their improved image processing technology "e-shift 3 technology" and new "Multiple Pixel Control".

The high-end model "DLA-X700R" features an optical engine with a new wire grid that has given it improved polarization performance.  The "e-shift 3 technology", that both of the models have, doubles the resolution and allows 4K images by shifting each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels.

They also provide more powerful "Clear Motion Drive" (the technology for reducing the after-image) and are compatible with 3D images.

Price: ¥840,000
Color: Black
Size: 455 x 179 x 472 mm
Weight: 15kg
Native contrast: 120000:1
Dynamic contrast: 1200000:1

Price: ¥498,000
Color: Black, White
Size: 455 x 179 x 472 mm
Weight: 14.7kg
Native contrast: 60000:1
Dynamic contrast: 600000:1