Yamaha - Bluetooth compatible FM/AM radio, clock audio system


Yamaha is releasing the desktop clock audio system "TSX-B72" in early December.

It helps you to wake up comfortably every morning with Yamaha's original "Interi" (meaning "intelligence") Alarm function. When you set the function, "TSX-B72" starts playing radio sound in a quiet tone 3 minutes ahead of the time you set for waking up, cuts off high frequency range that is said to give people stress, and increases the sound volume gradually.

There is a USB terminal installed on top of the clock audio system, so you can charge your smartphone or tablet right next to you while sleeping.
It supports FM/AM radio and Bluetooth/NFC to allow you to listen to your favorite songs saved in your smart devices.

Price: About ¥20,000
Color: Dark red, White, Dark green
Size: 210W×110H×144D mm
Weight: 1.4kg
Maximum output: 4W+4W+8W/6Ω