Japanese Robots: Gymnast-Bot Nails Kovacs to Triple Backflip (VIDEO)

Japanese Robots: Gymnast-Bot Nails (more complicated) Triple-Backflip - AkihabaraNews.com

There’s no shortage of attention for the horizontal bar gymnastics robot videos from YouTube user "hinamitetu," and yesterday, a new milestone: Once again, in what looks like mom’s cluttered basement or garage, the gymnast-bot impresses with a super difficult Kovacs to triple backflip - stuck the landing, of course.

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A New Video, and Details on Gymnast-Bot’s Workings
Around 3-4 months ago, Japanese roboticist hinamitetu (that's the YouTube account name, anyway) became internet famous with a video demonstrating the horizontal bar prowess and precision of a 1st-Gen Optimus Prime-sized robot. We know that the robot has motion sensors and an accelerometer in the head, and data therefrom plugs into calculations informing the momentum-encouraging movement of the legs, but a
side from that and the occasional YouTube update, been challenging to find a whole lot more info on this robot or its creator (we’re reaching out though, hoping to get some inside info!).

Lucky for us all, the video updates keep coming. We featured the last hinamitetu update about six weeks ago, and just yesterday, a new twist (HA!) was published: succesful, sequential completion of the advanced and extremely challenging...

Badass Kovacs Maneuver!
The "Kovacs," presumably named after some 5' 2" (157cm), musclebound, hardcore Hungarian gymnast, is an aerial spinny/flippy movement executed mid-routine - directly above the bar itself. hinamitetu’s latest horizontal bar demo finishes with a triple backflip, which of course we’ve already seen. What makes this new video outstanding is that, prior to the dismount, the robot nails a highly complicated Kovacs maneuver, and continues - without being reset - directily to the triple backflip off the bar into a perfect landing.

We’ll let you know when we’ve got more info, and if/when hinamitetu goes full-on American Anthem

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Image: hinamitetu YouTube; AkihabaraNews.com