Buffalo - Let's watch on-air TV with your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad


Baffalo is going to release the One-seg tuner for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad "Choi tele i 1S-IPM10" in late October - It works only in Japan.

One-seg is one of the 13 segments of digital broadcast spectrum and data broadcasting service dedicated to mobile use in Japan.

By connecting this Lightning connector compliant One-seg tuner to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, you will be able to start watching on-air TV programs with it. You can even record a part of a program while you are waiting it.

The antenna part is made of a bendable material so that it won't break or snap. If you need to charge the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, you can do it through the tuner device with the accompanying micro USB cable.

Price: ¥9,499