Sharp - AQUOS Quattron Pro XL 10 series - provides 4K equivalent high resolution display


5 models of Sharp's new AQUOS TV "AQUOS Quattron Pro XL 10" series, with full HD panel bringing 4K equivalent high resolution, will be out sequentially from November 30.

80 inch (LC-80XL10)
Release date: December 10
Price: About ¥880,000

70 inch (LC-70XL10)
Release date: December 10
Price: About ¥680,000

60 inch (LC-60XL10)
Release date: November 30
Price: About ¥350,000

52 inch (LC-52XL10)
Release date: November 30
Price: About ¥300,000

46 inch (LC-46XL10)
Release date: November 30
Price: About ¥260,000

This "AQUOS Quattron Pro XL 10" is the flagship series among all AQUOS full HD series. It features the full HD panel called "Quattron Pro" and "Mosseye panel" (that minimizes reflection of outside light), and the combination of these 2 items is able to display a high-resolution image equivalent to 4K quality.



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