Toshiba - Portable HDD (2 models) - Access data saved in your PC from a smartphone or tablet


Toshiba announced the release of 2 new models from their portable HDD series "CANVIO" - "CANVIO CONNECT" and "CANVIO SLIM" - on October 26.

With these 2 new portable HDD models, you can access data saved in them or your PC (after installing the dedicate software) anytime and anywhere you are. They also give you the ability to share specific data with multiple people so, for example, you can share certain photo albums with your friends or family members.

They are compatible with USB 3.0, and both Windows and Mac OS.

Price: Open price
Color: Black, Blue (only for 2TB and 1TB), Red (only for 2TB and 1TB), Silver, White

Choose your favorite color to fit your PC or TV or feeling. You can connect  it to REGZA blu-ray recorder or REGZA server with a USB cable, and it can record high-vision quality programs for about 106 hours/ 1TB.  

Price: Open price
Color: Black, Silver

It has an aluminum body and won the Good Design Award 2013 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The "HDD Password Tool" function secures your data to give you peace of mind even if you lose the product.

In addition to all of the above, people who have bought "CANVIO CONNECT" and "CANVIO SLIM" will be given 10GB free storage on a cloud service.