Sony - 4K projector with 18,000 lumen and 12000:1 contrast ratio


For business use, Sony is going to release the 4K projector "SRX-T615" with the unique 4K SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panel.

The newly developed optical engine and parts provide the 4K projector "SRX-T615" with a high luminance of 18,000 lumen and 12000:1 high contrast ratio ability. Also, they minimize the difference between the brightness of the center of the picture and the of surrounding areas making it possible to project sharp and high-resolution images on the screen.

It features a long-lived high pressure mercury lamp that has 3,000 hours useful life period, and that will reduce costs.

This 4K projector "SRX-T615" is for high-end professional use and Sony recommends it for use in planetariums, emergency control centers, movie preview rooms, film exhibitions and so on.

Price: About ¥12,500,000
Resolution: 4,096×2,160
Video input: HDMI x 2, Operation slot x 2
Size:      548×634×1,119mm
Weight: 143kg